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Social-emotional books for kids and grown ups.


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It's the strength that comes from within, letting us overcome fear at any time.

Author Temi Diaz created Inner Truth Books to help children and adults strengthen their emotional intelligence through stories that teach:





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Get Our Latest Book  Dancing Together

A compelling read for all ages about hope, resilience, and the power of family!

“Dancing Together" is a poetic tale of resilience and companionship written by award winning screenwriter and author Temi Díaz.

It follows the journey of bird couples as they navigate the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. Stripped of their homes and cast into the unknown, they rely on their deep bond and indomitable courage to seek a new sanctuary.

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Must read 🏆🏆🏆

"A must read for young kids and a must have for children's library. In a world which is harsh this book is best to learn self acceptance.


I was drawn towards An Inner Truth by the cover, which gave me a warm feeling and immediately intrigued me to read it.

Temi has done an astounding job in writing a simple yet profoundly touching book that speaks volumes about self-love, self-validation and letting the light shine from within."


"Having a young daughter myself I am always on the lookout for books which I can add to her library. I am glad to have another treasure to her library now. This is a book which no parent or teacher should miss.


We live in a harsh world where not only adults but children also fight for self-acceptance, wherein we find all eyes constantly judging us. This book is the one of the best I have come across that deals which the delicate topic of self-validation."

Great story, beautiful illustrations💯

"This book is beautifully written in rhymes that makes reading fun and pleasing for the kids. The theme is well-sketched out and you do not feel that the author is dragging even once.


It includes valuable inputs for parents who at times feed their own insecurities and fears of the past into their children, the result being that the children are unable to adjust to others and lack self-esteem."

Lovely Message💫

"I cried reading this book lol. So true. Im completely guilty of this. Great lesson for me and my daughter. 


I love this beautiful story it is filled with so much wisdom and hope! 


I think many parents with left over worries from their school days would benefit from seeing how different their child's experience with a new school will be, compared to their own."

Meet The Team


Temi Diaz

Founder/ Writer

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Associate Illustrators


Jose Navarro


Inner Truth Series

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Pape Ink


El Camino al 81

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Paint Artist

Kansuet: El Sueño de un Isleño


"Our mission is to inspire readers of all ages to achieve their potential and to think critically for themselves, guided by values, logic, and good-hearted intentions."

-Temi Díaz

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